So i think Linkin Park needs to create a greatest hits album.

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Lets see....

1. One Step Closer
2. Crawling
3. Papercut
4. In the End
5. Somewhere I Belong
6. Faint
7. Numb
8. Lying From You
9. From the Inside
10. Breaking The Habit
11. What I've Done
12. Bleed It Out
13. Shadow of the day
14. Given Up
15. Leave Out All the Rest
16. New Divide
17. The Catalyst
18. Waitng For The End

........yeah I'd say its about time

we got 2 people on our side! and 2 will lead to more soo we needa tell em to make one. im sure plenty other people agree they should have one

Greatest Hits Album comes when a band is on the decline and ready to move on. Sometimes when the last and current album didnt do well in sales, so they come up with a greatest hits to make that profit. Linkin Park is far from that. They are writing and producing the best music now than ever before. I dont know many bands that when they come out with a new album they promote it with mega world tours like Linkin Park. I dont think U2 consistently toured like Linkin Park does with every album.  With Itunes and pretty much all the LP fans have all their CDs there is no point at this time in making a greatest hits album.

Put it on iTunes

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