I'm a huge fan of LP....and I think this CD SUX!  Call me old fashioned, but I fell in love with the music of the first 2, tolerated Minutes, but this has went overboard.  I've been to every concert in Dallas but won't be at this one.  Even my 11 yr old who has been singing along since she was 3 cannot stand this album...maybe it should be played at the techno dance clubs. 


BOO Chester and Mike: stick with your fans!

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Couldn't agree with you more!
I'm not saying Linkin Park sold out, but it's pretty darn close.
for all the literal s**t talking that they don't want to be like everyone else, it sure sounds like a lady gaga, or black eyed peas album. . .
"...sure sounds like a lady gaga, or black eyed peas album..."

Not only is the above comment offensive, but also a load of bullsh*t. The album is electro, not pop. Retard.

Anyway, I can completely understand how many, if not most, fans are dissapointed at A Thousand Suns, but there are a few things I'd like to say in responce:

-Linkin Park is a fairly old band. They've been doing roughly the same kinda music for over a decade. If you were them, wouldn't you also get tired of creating the same kinda vibe over and over and over and over and over and over again? As far as I see it, LP decided to go for a diffirent style this time.

-Secondly, they did say this album was going to be different. In one press conference/interview/thing I saw on YouTube, Chester even called it experimental. You should've been expecting something other than what they normally do.

-Also, it seems to me as though LP kinda... matured with this album. It may not be as appealing for... younger people, but the songs have gone a long way from the teenage rabble of their older music. See it this way: They're evolving.

-Finally, a true fan would stick to the band no matter what direction they choose to go to (unless they maby kill someone or become sadist or some crap like that). If you don't like the music, don't effing listen to it. Duh.

So, my point? There's nothing wrong with not liking the music. There's nothing wrong with being dissapointed either. Just don't tell them how effed you think their work is. Let them do what they want to. It's not your band! Just listen to something else. ;)
sometimes new isn't always best/good. experimental - yes. good - no. absolute waste of money.
uugh you people... :(
go go LP!!!!
Like I said, It depends on your taste in music. If you don't like electro, well, listen to LP's older stuff?

ian smith said:
sometimes new isn't always best/good. experimental - yes. good - no. absolute waste of money.
Awww Amy, I understand I am not a big fan of this latest album, BUT that will not keep from going to their shows they are amazing performers live I have seen them 4 times now. I am a lil leary on how the set list will play out but with a lil alcohol ,I can get past hearing the new stuff and who knows maybe seeing them play some of the new stuff live will give us a new appreciation for it.

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