many times i have used the music of linkn park as a guide line for coaping with life.

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YESSS why does every one here feel the same!?!? thats really cool
ya without their music I'd probably be dead..I won't go into details but they did save.
Yep. I'd most likely be in a mental institution/dead without them.
Well, they bring light to my life! No wonder why I still can sit here and chat with you.
Yeah, I'd probably be still depressed, if it wasn't for their music.
Yep after the last breakup. This was always on my song list in the office. Somewhere I belong, In the End, Breaking the Habit. Thanks so much LP.
for me for sure, listening to their music while I was really down kinda let me see that soeone got the issues in my mind.
yes i have the music has help me through some rough times
they saved me from pop music lol
Karo said:
they saved me from pop music lol

haha nice... but pop is popular music though.
They saved me from living my life without music:D cause i hated music before I heard them
yeah, helps alot, helps u to get thro trials u may have to go thro in ur life, it realtes to me very well alot of LP's songs:).

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