Attention, all Linkin Park fans:
I have came up with a name for a rap & hip-hop project since 2011, and I have chosen Mike Shinoda to join as my future partner for a self-titled album that's the same name as the rap duo. The rap duo is called HEAVEN VS HELL. Also, I came up with the track list for the self-titled debut album, which is in front of you when you see this discussion on this website.

Heaven VS Hell (album):

1. Intro

2. Fast and Furious

3. New Arrival

4. Recovery

5. You on Everything

6. A Break

7. Fighters

8. Take It All

9. Booth

10. Let Go

11. Outro

And of course, we'll have a Deluxe Edition of the album some time soon, once we get together and actually start doing it, you know whatI mean? So my question to you guys out there is... how many of you Linkin Park fans want Mike to be part of it? Start voting now, and good luck. It'll be either a yes or a no, but I still want him to join me cause he's one of the best rappers in the entire history. I will also let Mike think about it, if he agrees to be a part of it. This will be sick and epic before you know it.

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