Hello dear Linkin Park fans!

Some of you might me familiar with Music for Relief, the charity that was set up by Linkin Park in the wake of the 2004 tsunami that devistated Thailand.

Well I am doing a school assignment for which I have to design an application running on a public media screen for Music for Relief.

The goal is to create more awareness around the charity, and attract more people to join.

In the designproces for this, I also have to undertake an investigation on the target group (the people who the app is being designed for).

That's why I'm here, because I need your help! The plan is that everybody who is interested just has to awnser a few questions to help me get a better insight in your needs wants and motivations.

I really hope you can help me!!



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Just send me an Inbox. I would be glad to help :)

Unfortionately this discussion is being spammend now Rosita, I send you a friend request. If you still want to help me, accept so I can send you a message. 

Rositsa (Moderator) said:

Just send me an Inbox. I would be glad to help :)


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