Hey guys

Me and my band "Micture Project" got the chance to play in front of 10'000 people at a festival in our country. To play there, we have to get into the top 3 of an online-voting. Our fanbase aint big enough atm that we could rely on it, so I ask you guys for help. You can hear 3 self produced songs of ours on the page


if you like it and want to support us, click on the "vote" button and type in your email, the spam-filter-code, then you'll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link (so they make sure no fakes typed in any fantasy-email adress a hundred times).

The contest lasts till 8th of march.

Plus, im always up for a feedback or critique. We have like 7 more songs we are recording in my bedroom, so keep on looking on facebook or youtube for updates!

Thanks and Greets

Micture Project

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pretty good! it kind of sounds like it could be a linkin park song!

ofc LP  is a big inspiration, but at the same time, we're not LP ;) but thanks :)

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