I have never been to a LP concert, but plan to go to see them in Atlanta!!  I have probably what most of you would consider two stupid questions....


1.  Should I go for General Admission tickets?  I'm pretty short and petite and would like to get out alive.  LOL Any suggestions?


2.  How do I access the code for pre-sale tickets. 

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Ill be there is ATL too! Im gonna get as close as I can to see the band but it could get kinda crazy. Going with a group about 7-8 deep (including girls). If you need a group to stand with so you wont get crushed let me know. Im sure my friends wont mind.
Thanks so much!! Do you know where to find the presale code to buy through ticketmaster? I'm not sure whether it's cheaper to buy through LP or ticketmaster? Tickets went on sale at 10 with Ticketmaster.
Well tickmaster is just telling you when they went on sale but doest actually let you order presale tickets unless you have a code. You have to either be a 99x member and go through them, or go through this site. You have to already have your presale code to order presale tickets. If you dont have one, its no big deal. Tickets go on sale to everyone tomorrow Sat. @ 10am. Im sure there will still be plenty of good seats. As far as cheaper, it should be about the same if you buy them tomorrow. Check with this site 1st though, might save you a few dollars.

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