Hi there all you Linkin Park fans... check out the link below (or the picture above) and tell me what you think of my portrait sketches of the band!


I hope that you all like it ... I have been a fan for many years and just felt the need to do this project and share it with other fans :)

Please tell me what you think.

P.S. And I do realise they are older photos, they were just the only ones I could get big enough for me to be able to draw them well.

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awesome!!!! especially Joe's and Brad's sketches! :)
I'm wondering how long that took?
I hadn't thought about that yet... but it took me probably around 18hrs all together. Roughly two hours a week. But thanks for the comment :D
wow you're very talented.
You drew that?! That's awesome!
Yeah I drew them :) Thanks for the nice comments! I would love the band to actually see this picture one day... but I doubt that :S

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