Well my birthday's coming up soon, my fifteenth, and I'm starting to get really serious about music. I have a great keyboard, produces great sound and it's my primary instrument, for now. Privately I've been self tutoring myself the basics of singing, breathing techniques and that ;) But anyway I'll get to the point.

For my birthday I'll finally have gathered enough money to invest in something. I'm just at a huge loss as to what to get. I've been looking around eBay for turntables and mixers, cheap but okay, and I'll be able to get them.. But I just don't know whether it will be a good investment. I'll tell you a bit about what I'd like.

I'd like, basically, something to help me create my own music, whether it be software or instruments or something. I just don't fully understand it all yet, I've heard a lot about MIDI controllers and drum machines and stuff, but I wouldn't know how to use them, and what to do with it. That kinda stuff.

I'm not a beginner, but I'm not a pro either. I'd be able to learn and pick up a new instrument fairly quick, but I just want to put my money into something worth it, this'll all contribute to my future as a musician.

Sorry for rambling on away from the point, it's just hard to say. You see things like the demos' in the recent LPU X album, Mike Shinoda's remix on Leave Out All The Rest, Reanimation. I'm looking for that kind of stuff you know? Just a little something to keep me occupied, when I'm away from my lil band. ;)


Thanks for reading and please help. ;D

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If you got Cubase or Protools (software) and a book to help you use them, plus a program like Frooty Loops which has lots of different instrument and weird cool sounds built in which you can program to any tempo you like (you'd need a manual though cos it's pretty hard to use otherwise) then you could start making some really interesting music, plus plug in your guitar and play into them, and plug in a mic and sing into them too. :) Best to have some sort of box to plug into with your instruments/mics so you don't get computer hum into the line - M-Audio or something like that. :) Not sure how much you have saved or how much that would cost where you are, but if you had the money, that's what I'd suggest. :)

I forgot to say, you can hook your keyboard up to the computer too and record it through Cubase or Protools. Protools used to be no good for midi recording but I've been told it's better now. I use Cubase, which is very good for midi recording. And if those things are too expensive, Sybelius is a good program for someone who only has a keyboard, I wrote my first music on that program and my friends thought I had cheated and got the teacher to do it for me, they thought it sounded great, so you can make some good music on there too. But eventually better to get something more like Cubase, Protools, Adobe Audition or something like them, more able to get a professional sound with them, I reckon. And Frooty Loops is called that cause you can program loops into it, whether drum, string, vocal, slaps, whatever cool sound you want, and loop it, and then add other loops of other instruments/sounds effects etc, so you can have a lot of fun and get a cool sound.


Anyway, best wishes and I hope you find something you like to work with. :)



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