ok, so what i got so far from my question's, was that there is no log in cause LPU and linkinpark.com became one site, so when we log in to linkinpark.com we'r logged into LPU and LPUX, and that the


LPUX annual pass holders are the only members that can have access to M&G's,


And the " taste your access " thing lets you know that you have access to the M&G's and the pre-seal tickets,the picture takes the place of a code, so just the LPUX joiners got a picture and the LPU9 members got the code.


and there is ! know separate site ! for the LPU LP members, and the LPUX members. its all one.


and there is no LPU chatroom up yet, it will be, but i don't no when.


ok let me know if this was any help.

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Oh and the seperate site just leads you here when you click BLOG or COMMUNITY.

The site has the LPUTV.

I hope this helps :) too

Nice of you, Crystal and Elizabeth :) I'm a newby :)

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