hi guys in the band and fans of Linkin Park. Recently I signed, I love the new skin on the web, very good, much better than the last,
I love the change of his subjects than they are now (as they were switching to
long time).
I was in her concert,
here in Argentina, Velez ...
Hai just one thing I liked ... It
is assumed that when you go to a concert you live more like a band looking at
some simple videos on You Tube for example ...
those who went to the concert or to compare the videos now Chile, Brazil and
others to what was here in Argentina, is in discussions on "
enthusiasm" which
was placed at the recital ...

I really, I love to listen ... Chester saw him very well (although not walk out there screaming and jumping XD) or Mike (not made any kind of comments = S) ... But
I loved it anyway, if they respond to post much better ...

Hope you do not get me wrong or anything similar, I hear from several years ago
(escaped from school, etc ...) and I will never regret and apollo all its
changes, at least I do not disappoint ...
after so many years and albums still waiting for you to continue to make heavy
music for life can be good to ....

PD: Sorry for my bad English

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