I'm really furious about something that I read another day on Mike's Blog. It's about he is forbidden all coments that just says "hi, you're awesome, please come to..."
         Man! You really don't know what you got 'til it's gone! The fans made you what you are today, don't treat them like idiots or freaks!
         Sometimes we stay so nervous to know that you will read what we write (the same way when you stay near us), that we lose the words and when we can perceive, we just wrote
"hi, you're awesome, please come to...".
          Please, forgive me, don't understand this like an affront, ok?
          I posted last week a thing seemed that but more anger, cause I really was angry when I read.
          You said: "Let's see what the guys really have to say". It seems like we upset you or bore you when we praises you with:
"hi, you're awesome".
          Please, Mike, think better before to write. I just want you see how you hurted a lot of people. You hurted me.

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Mike thinks better;) If there are 100000 comments with all people saying you're awesome and please come to my country...
It's difficult to find the posts that is going about the subject. Being famous is not an easy life, trust me.

Mike probably don't wants to hurt you but just give structure in his blog.
It's like a forum rule: stay with the subject. (You can leave personal messages in your post.)

Like: woow, mike... Nice pictures of the studio. You're awesome!
We are all luky to have the opportunity to be in contact with Mike and the other guys, but remember it isn't a right. They give us this opportunety and we can't boring them with ever the same things. We are all their fans so is obvius that we love them and we think that they are great. Are also true that we all wont that they come to our citys or countries, but it's dosen't dipends by the Guys. So why annoy Mike and the rest of the band with this stupid questions?!
Try to do like the peolple with more fantasy and write something better.
Maybe Mike will replay to you like he have do on his blog the past days.
You're taking his blog post to serieus... If I say I wish my name was bubbles, you take that serieus to?
I understand you, but you have to wake up... How would you become if everyone wants to be on pic with you, if everyone wants to talk with you, if everyone says you're awesome.

It gets bored so I would say: stop saying same things... Tell other things...
Maybe do I post saying twitter sucks, that's probably ap ost Mike will like. :d
Isn't it Mike? :d
I think,Mike is right=)I'm sorry guys,but I think Mike wants to say that he is just an ordinary person like as well as we all))I don't think that he wants that we are compear him to God=))He is just like me and you,but exept for a one:he is a famous=)But he is working so hard that to have everything that he has now,including us))I know what about Mike are talking.I have my own rock-band in my native town too))And I alsow often speak with fans of our band.Some of them a little bit crazy.Some of them cryed to us:"I love you!"I don't mean that I don't like it,but I want that people started to talk with me on equal.I think Mike wants that=)
Just by joining this group in the first place shows that you love LP and think Mike and the rest of the guys are awesome lol
Btw Mike ..Your new hairstyle looks GREAT! :D
crazy!%I like his art and his talent.But i don't think hi is a God.Hi is just a person which is an example for me!But i don't say that he is awesome,his talent,thats really awesome!
I'm Going To Agree With What I Said Before But Comment Again, If All You Know How To Say Is Hi And You're Awesome, Don't Say Anything, Now I Really Think This Is Over The Limit of Stupidity, They Want To Read What Other People have To Say Besides Hi And Stuff!!

LinkinParkClub1 said:
This Is Bull S%$t!! LOL
Dave you're absolutly right! I try to tell her that this discussion is stupid and that she don't undestand what Mike and all of you guys try to say..... We are all yours fans so is obvius that we love you and we think that you are great. not need to repeat it every 5 minutes.... right?
Dave and Margherita,you are absolutely right=))I tried to explain but it was seems like I wasn't heard((
i could understand why he would officially forbid looking at posts on his page saying "Hi, You're Awesome, please come to_____ . lets put it this way, if you were Mike and you were the the band Linkin Park and you love your fans, and all you came home to hearing in your inbox was "Hi, You're awesome, please come to____ i dont know about you but to me that would get pretty old, him saying lets see what you guys really have to say... means... if you say something that is ACTUALLY worth reading then MAYBE he will respond to you, he does know what he has, hes got an amazing band of brothers, hes got a band that actually cares for this earth unlike most out there, he actually promised to make concerts "greener" from now on, so you cant say he doesnt know what hes got till its gone, yes the fans helped him to wheres hes at today, but the fans didnt say hi your awesome blowing up his inbox with that, think about what you say before you post something like that, put your self in his shoes, like everyone else is saying, maybe if you write something worth reading it will be read and maybe responded to



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