Hi guys! :D
I'm wondering how'd you discover Chester and Linkin Park?

My story:

When I was 8, our Music teacher gave us a homework about famous bands. I didn't know LP in those times, but my frineds in my group knew. They said to me: let's do something abt LP, when I was doing this HW, I met LP and my 1st LP song was 'In The End' I love it very much, I understood, LP is different, and the best band ever!


By the way, I fell in love Chester last year :D :D




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I was 8 I heard one of the songs who my friend's  brother someday was listening, he was  older than me. then i became interested, and i searched for more songs and became a fan of LP from same time, and my life's Songs are In the end, Numb, & Crawling ;)    


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