we know and everyone of us love thsnd, do tou thing that it really better then minutes? cuz myself, i have all the albums but i think this one is diffrent cuz they use many style just like in "waiting for the end" and "robot boy" and some of the other sound, i love LP with all my heart and this changing of style have a lttle impact on me cuz i use to listerning a Chester you scream everytime but here he sing and of course i like it

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It hurts like hell, but i have to saythe truth the album isn't so good. It really sucks..

It's like a gangsters hip hop album with influences of rock.

The Catalyst is pretty good. But the rest fails.

It hurts like hell to say!
you maybe right it diffrent cuz we used to listerning somthing hard and now it completly diffrent

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