It tells a sad truth about the way some people act towards others,too wrapped up in their own popularity and reputations.They single out someone because they are different.It's destructive to make someone feel so isolated.

   There are nasty people but there is also people that care. 


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i feel so numb

it's a good video numb.

Just coz someone's different, doesnt mean they're bad! Love the video!!! \m/

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thank you for ur honesty mike. im glad you changed your ways.

It makes me remember my time spent at school..." feelin' alone and Feel so Numb...

thanks for sharing Mehrey


I have no idea what movie the numb music video was for. My friend told me it was for a movie, but I do not know which. Please tell me if you know.

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Numb is one of my life's songs and the video exactly saying the truth of some peoples, even sometimes me, in my opinion we are all in the way numb's video showed , we are all alone in different subjects of our life,

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