I know this is not unusual but I have been a fan since Hybrid theory's EP all the way untill now BURN IT DOWN.

Hybrid theory EP and launch as Linkin park spoke to me as a teenager helping me relese all of my angry teen angst in song.

Re:Animation was a great remix of my beloved songs.

Meteora spoke to me more when I entered the workforce and felt helpless because my opinion meant nothing regardless of whether I was correct or not.

Minuets to midnight helped me to get in touch with my inner confidence and A Thousand Suns well as I live in Tasmania it was the first  Live show that I was able to attend In Melbourne Australia  12 of December.

After that one live performance I realized how much Linkin Park actually meant to me over the years and I almost broke down in excitement!

As for their new album... well I have heard one song so far and all i can say is... WOW

What i want to know is how linkin park has influenced your life!? DON'T BE SHY! The have incredible skill!

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I am a teenager right now and I have to mention that LP`s way to treat teenage problems in Meteora and also Hybrid Theory is that special that they convinced me to never letting myself down. They took their personal problems and changed, sorry pulled them into songs so that everyone can indentifie with that lyrics and sound system. They invented themselves ( and helped me to do it like this, too ) and developed over the years. Becoming with ATS a more "global" band, they looked now at the whole world`s problems, but I hope the new lyrics will be again more personal, maybe they can`t write any HT songs anymore ( they aren`t young boys that time ), but aren`t adults able to beeing emotial and can have problems, too ? Thx LP for inventing the music.

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