Hey guys, Yet another random question, how many concerts of Linkin Park have you been to?

This is my list I've compiled together since 2007:


Brisbane, Oct 22 

Sydney, Oct 20-21

Adelaide, Oct 16

Melbourne: Oct 14-15

Auckland: Oct 11-12

Mansfield, MA: Aug 24

Toronto, CA: Aug 21

Cleveland, OH: Aug 17

Virginia Beach, VA: Aug 14

Charlotte, NC: Aug 8

Dallas, TX: Aug 4

Phoenix, AZ: Aug 1



Manchester, UK: Jan 27

London, UK: Jan 28-29

Detroit, MI: Fed 16

New York, NY: Feb 21

Montreal, CA: Fed 22

Oklahoma City, OK: Feb 29

Los Angeles, CA: March 4

Sacramento, CA: March 10

Milton Keynes, GB: June 29

Toronto, CA: July 12

Mansfield, MA: July 16

***Hartford, CT: July 20***



Shanghai, CN: Aug 15



Manchester, UK: Nov 4

New Castle, UK: Nov 5

London, UK: Nov 10 & 11

Brisbane, AU: Dec 3

New Castle, AU: Dec 4

Perth, AU: Dec 7

Adelaide, AU: Dec 9

Sydney, AU: Dec 11

Melbourne, AU: Dec 12-13

Sydney, AU: Dec 15

Canberra, AU: Dec 16



Chicago, IL: Jan 26

New York, NY: Feb 4

Montreal, QC: Feb 7

Toronto, CA: Feb 8

San Diego, CA: Feb 20


I know its a lot for a 16 year old but… Let me know. 



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I've been to 2 concerts! FTW! xD

P.S. are you an LPU member and if so have you met them already?


yeah. I'm on LPUX, LPU & LP Street Team. I'm rarely on them because I'm always busy. Which concerts you been too?

That's awesome that you've been to so many concerts :) My parents wouldn't allow me before I turned 18 -.- I've been to

June 11 - Nova Rock Festival, Austria

June 21 - Hamburg, Germany (+ Summit)

Well I'm still really happy about those two times ;)

How many times have you met them for all those years? Just curious...

That sucks your parents won't let you go to more……

I've never met them before. I have been invited a few times now but I turned them back because I have a major fear of passing out or fainting in front of them. Or worse scream at them. I've won stuff off them but never met them. 

About my parents.. well they can't stop me now... xD

But you should go! I started crying after I met them, while I was standing in the back talking a staff, mostly because I couldn't believe that something like that is happening to me. I'm being honest to you, you probably are also really emotional, but you should go see them! You will love it and sure never forget it ;)

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