How many years will LP wait before coming back to the Nation's Capital (the first show cancelled btw)?

I'm wondering how long it will be before LP decides to play in DC, the Nation's Capital?  LP's management decided to blow of DC (and 2 other cities) by not rescheduling our show, while choosing to reschedule the TX shows when they finish the US tour in March.  Despite having 2 months off at the end of the US tour LP's management still decided to blow off the Nation's Capital.  So I figure, LP will spend several months touring Europe.  Then take a vacation.  Then they'll need to tour South America and probably Asia in support of 1000 Suns.  Then a Vacation.  Then LP will start work on the next album.  Followed by time off.  So by my best guess I figure the Nation's Capital won't get a chance to see LP play live for at least 5 years.  More then likely about 8.  Anybody else think they have a different timeline?  How long do you think they'll wait to return and play the CT and OH dates their management blew off?

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Blaming their management is wrong. it boils all down to scheduling conflicts. They already had studio time after the NA tour. Who knows what the venues schedules are to even accommodate LP. 8 years also, lol. Seeing as they were in Washington as little as what? 2-3 years ago?

Blaming their management is exactly right.  They chose to immediately announce a refund instead of simply saying hold your tix and we'll figure out when to reschedule later. They didn't.  But when it came to the TX shows, they were immediately rescheduled. LP's management could've found one open date at either FedEx field, Nationals Ballpark, Patriot Center, DAR Constitution Hall, MB&T Bank stadium (in baltimore) or other times in Verizon center. Again, they didn't.

And yes, I was at that show 2-3 years ago when they played (at the time Nissan Pavillion) during Projekt Revolution. I meant eight years from this year. I will be thrilled to be proven wrong and hope they will be back this year. But I doubt it. So untill I'm proven wrong, or untill LP comes out and says "we'll be back to DC this year" I stand by the at least 5-8 years until they return. So, looking at their tour schedule, and knowing they will have to do South America, and Asia and Australia, plus the new album, and time off throughout.  My timeline is the accurate one.

Still no word whatsoever about LP even making the slightest attempt to come back to DC (the Nation's Capital btw) and play despite the fact we were the FIRST show cancelled.  Couldn't fit one night between the end of the US tour and the european tour despite having months off?  Verizon Center, FedEx Field, Nationals Ballpark, Patriot Center, DAR Constitution Hall, Jiffy Lube Live (Old Nissan Pavilion), MB&T Bank Stadium and Orioles Ball Park and LPs management couldn't find one open date to make up the first show they cancelled? Give me a break.  If LP's management really was interested in their fans in the DC Metro area they should've said something, anything by now.  Guess the DC Metro area fans don't rate high enough to LP's management.  Enjoy the vacation guys.

Another month goes by and LP still hasn't said word one about wether or not they're going to bother to reschedule the cancelled show in our Nation's Capital, Washington, DC.  Pretty lame LP.  You're management went out of their way to reschedule the TX shows, but couldn't be bothered to make the effort to reschedule or even tell us (and the fans in OH and CT) if you intend to even come back in the near future.  Fans in DC are getting sick and tired of bands simply blowing off playing in the Nation's Capital.

And LP, to give you some examples of how bands who care about their fans handle adversity:

Metallica:  Hetfield gets burned by a magnesium flame effect.  Gets rushed to the hospital, but the band IMMEDIATELY tells fans to hold their tix and then reschedules.  They return and play with a guest guitarist in less then a year.

Van Halen:  Alex Van Halen gets in a car accident but they tell fans to hold the tix and reschedules the show.  They return and Alex plays wearing a neck brack for whiplash.  They played an extra long set for having to cancel the original show to.

Ozzy:  Suffers from laryngitis and is advised not to play, but he goes out anyways and rocks the stadium (DC btw).

Iron Maiden:  Entire band suffers extreme food poisoning in India.  SO extreme they need IV fluids between songs, but they still play and rock that stadium.



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