I know they probably get a bunch of spam and fanmail and people asking them favors and stuff, so I don't want to be a bother, but I have too much of a passion for this cause not to.
My brother is a Naval veteran (and he was pretty close to the 'action' when the War on Terror started).  He is going back to school for music production and sound and stuff.  His whole life he has wanted to be a musician.  He has been doing a lot of composing for his classes.
One of the last compositions he was working on, he was thinking Pirates of the Caribbean kind of, but it turned out more Linkin Park-Transformers style.  We (me and my two brothers) edited it a bunch before he turned it in, and I think it is really good (not a bias, I'm actually very critical especially when it comes to writing and composition).
He just made it as a school project, and it is a music track without lyrics.  I wanted to see if there was any way to submit the song to LP/their management to see what they think/if they can use it/all that.  I also hear there may be a new Transformers in the next couple years.
I know it's a longshot because LP composes their own music and all that, but I love my brother, and he seems to be getting kind of desparate to make things happen (though he'd never admit it) since he only has a couple years left to do so (by starting a band anyway).  I want to do this for him.


My Point: My brother, the US vet/passionate musician, composed a piece that turned out like Linkin Park and Transformers, and I would like to do what I can to get it considered by LP.
If anyone has an idea of how I can make this work, please don't hesitate to answer.

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warnerbors, mashineshop... contact them

I need it too, is a matter of life or death!

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