A forum or a chat conversation consists of a multi-way conversation between people on the Internet.  Sometimes a band member would like to participate in the conversation or has something to tell us. Treat a band member like you would your friend.  If your friend had an important story to tell, you wouldn't interrupt them in the middle to say OMG COME TO ARGENTINA!


This is the reality of any time we see a band member wanting a conversation: They never GET one. Anyone saying anything off the chosen topic is not contributing to the conversation's natural flow. If Linkin Park is talking about the new album, you should not be talking about your country, you should be talking about the new album too.


It is incredibly rude and selfish to interrupt when someone is talking about something else, and worst of all, this has discouraged band members from participating online. And also, the band member will not pay attention to you except perhaps to tell you to buzz off. But, someone who says something about the topic might actually get a real reply from the band, and after a while they'll start really paying attention to you.


But eventually, if people keep saying things that aren't on topic, the band members can get frustrated.  They don't understand incredibly fast chats, especially when nobody is saying anything on the topic.  Eventually they will get fed up with the rudeness of their fans and quit chatting. This is why they no longer visit ustream, and possibly why Mike Shinoda is the only band member online at all.  It got too clogged with too many people saying nothing, and there was no way for the band to communicate to the people who had something to say.



Things that ARE spam:

"Come to my country!"

"When are you coming to _________ ?" (BTW, then answer is ALWAYS that they dont know, they're humans, not psychic).

A link to your personal website.  What selfishness.

Posting about some random story about you that has nothing to do with the topic

Not speaking English in a topic that was started in English. (This also makes it hard on the moderators, don't do it). Agreeing on a language keeps the conversation smooth. There are other places to talk in your mother's tongue. You are welcome to find a group here in your own language. By posting in an English thread you are basically agreeing to participate in English.

A question regarding a family member or their personal life (If you know any of their family member's names, you are a stalker, or you read stalker websites, and you should just keep quiet and not creep them out). you WILL creep them out and they will try their best to avoid you.

If a chat is busy, avoid things like "LOL."

Last, but not least, telling people in a chat to "STOP SPAMMING."  Do not spam in order to stop spam. Duh. Just stop posting.


Things you should DO

Read the entire discussion thread (or the newest 10 pages) before replying. Don't just read the first post and then reply to just that first post. That is not how you participate in a conversation, because everyone who replied is important too.

Lurk Moar.


If a band member calls for people to stop spamming, DONT SAY ANYTHING



Please don't let the LPU become the next ustream.

My name is KATHYxx, I had a private chat with Mike Shinoda once, and I didn't spam a single time.

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great discussion ;)

your so right :) I hate the people who are spamming:S that's so annoying-.-


how can i be a LPU member?


I told you guys so!



I wonder if people spamming are even aware of it.  Half of the spam was people telling other people to be quiet

Thank you alot KATHYxx,great words
If everyone do what you say we'll be able to actually speak with the band not just with eachother.
lol that is so true

KATHYxx said:

I told you guys so!



I wonder if people spamming are even aware of it.  Half of the spam was people telling other people to be quiet

I loved this message. It never occurred to me once that I would ever actually get to chat with any of the band members at all, and your message was a great and funny way to let people know that, even though these guys are amazing musicians and artists, that they are still people.:) I plan on never creeping people out, and I don't really like to be rude, so there's at one person who won't spam:)

Prime example......

yusha go to


lately i have spent alot of time in the LPU chat and its mostly been between midnight and 6am in US mountain time and its been just fine..  yet sometimes during the day its just people yelling about nothing.  i dont get it.  there needs to be more than 1 chat room. 

yusha suri said:

how can i be a LPU member?

You're absolutely right; I agree with every word of this.


Recently, I've had Chester reply to me a couple of times on Twitter (which, by the way, makes me feel extremely accomplished.) Now, I truly have no idea why he chose me to reply to, but what I do know is that when I tweet him, I say something relevant to what he just said. I'm not one of the millions who simply messages him "When are you coming to ___?," "Chester ur so awesome," or (gag) "PLEEEEASE MARRY ME CHAZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." I say relevant things. The others spam.


Relevance yields results. Spam does not.

I agree!  Spam only belongs in a can....or a Monty Python skit....LOL

Another way to get their attention is to yell their names. I accomplished this last night in a dream. The only downside is that you get devastated in the morning.


I'm not joking, this happened last night.

Thanks Kathyxx, great advice and hopefully people will read and heed.  That would be so annoying not only to the band, but also to the people that really care to have a real conversation with the band. Use some forethought and post respectfully and on topic.  ;)



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