I recently bought second-hand Hybrid Theory EP, 2001 reissue.

I searched the web for known signs for fake copies, so I could tell if it's a fake or not.

I found out about inconsistent fonts, misspellings and the serial number on the disc, all of which seems fine in my copy.

However, when I listened to it, I noticed that the first song, Carousel, ends a second too early. You can hear it ending abruptly instead of fading out. The track length is exactly 3 minutes, and on YouTube I could easily find a 3:02 version with a proper fadeout.

Does anyone have an original copy, and can tell me how it's supposed to be?


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Is the disc damaged in any way?  You said it was used; if it's damaged it's possible that's why it ends a few seconds early.

I don't think that's the reason... it's second-hand, but in a very good condition. No visible or other audible flaws.

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