Which one is your #1, #2, and #3?

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#1 Hybrid Theory (It was my first LP album I bought, OSC was the first song I heard. It made me a fan. Sentimental values and memories)
#2 Meteora ( HT is a little ahead of Meteora, just because HT made me a fan, and Meteora made me more of a fan. It's mainly the matter of who was first.)
#3 Minutes To Midnight (Something must be third. I love MTM but not as much as the previous albums. With time it will grow on me more.)
#1 ht
#2M to M
#3 Metorea
#1 ht
#2M to M
#3 Metorea
wooow! difficult

my faorit songs are numb and in the end

my favorit album: minutes to midnight
my no. 1 album is hybrid theory
then its meteora
last is MTM
..............but they are all freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!
1) Meteora
2) Hybrid Theory
3) Reanimation
4) Minutes to Midnight
5) Live in Texas

Then comes the new CD coming out late this year.
#1 HT
#2 meteora
#3 minutes to midnight
Hybrid Theory is the best album
1. Meteora
2. Hybrid Theory
3. Minutes to Midnight.

I felt MTM was too much of a departure from their old sound. The music was still great, but it had lost that incredible blending of genres that the previous two had.
Minutes to Midnight (beats out HT by a nose because of The Little Things and In Pieces.)
That is a tough call. Personally, I would say um....

1.) Hybrid Theory
2.) Minutes to Midnight
3.) Meteora
1. ht
2. mtm
close 3. meteora

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