Which one is your #1, #2, and #3?

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MTM no1 METEORA no2 HT no3
#1 - HT
#2 - Meteora
#3 - MTM
#1: Meteora
#2: Minutes to Midnight
#3: Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory got me casually interested in their music. Meteora made me a fan. Minutes to Midnight made me join the fan club. You can see where I am going with this... I think it's the gigantic-ass mural that they made for Meteora, and the awesome way the CD case folds out that makes that album number one for me. I relate to those songs so much, in many different ways.

And, oddly enough, my favorite LP song is Papercut. Let's try to figure that one out XD
I like MTM and HT.
1. Meteora
2. Hybrid Theory
3. MTM
1. Meteora
2. Hybrid Theory
3. Minutes to Midnight.
1. Meteora
2. MTM
3. HT
1- meteora
2-hibrid theory
3- minutes to midnight
aunque todos son geniales
my order is....

2-Hybrid Theory
3- Minutes to Midnight
2*Hybrid theory
3*Minutes to midnight

Hybrid Theory is far the best
Meteora is really awesome too

and anywhere here is M2M .. dun rly like it. i prefer old LP
1. hybrid theory
2. meteora
3. minutes to midnight

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