Park HI guys my name is Gustavo and I'm from Brazil, and I first wanted to say I'm a big fan of the band from the beginning until today! I learned to play because the Lp, Hybird Theory got home and it proves that this band is part of my story. And speaking of my story, I'm about to take a new step that will change my life. I met my girlfriend Sabrina in a show of yours and she TBM is a big fan, especially of Chester, she says she thinks he's gorgeous .... kkkkk ... but in the end, the request I have to make may seem weird , and I'll understand if u can not or do not want to do, but I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me, and it would be a big surprise if you could gravarar video telling her to accept my request, I'm going to the movies and levala before movie I'm going to ask spend a video I made for her with our photos and our favorite songs (castle of glass in case) and would end the video of you telling her that I have a question for her and that you would be happy if her to say yes!

I know that seems kind of absurd, but I'll do anything for her, and if that happened I could show our children our wedding video with the best band of all time

would be an honor and a privilege if that happened!

And I'm sure her answer would rather you asked her to marry me!

Thank you for long while, I hope they receive the message and as I said before I'll understand if you can not do, yet still be the biggest fan of Linkin Park!


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