I have a really important request for the members of Linkin' Park;

Well, after viewing your concert schedules, I was desiring to go to the Philadelphia concert.  Well, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I just talked to my grandfather on the telephone, and, like all of my family, he does not wish to take me, even though I'm paying.  He bets that you guys will eventually appear in Pittsburgh sooner or later, since it's such a big city.  Well, could you guys please schedule an appearance in Pittsburgh, sooner rather than later since I plan to enroll in college as soon as I can walk.  I'm sorry to tell you guys, but I was riding my bicycle in 2003 and got run over by a speeding SUV, so I'm currently living in a nursing facility.  Well, since my grandfather has sworn to God he will take me if you guys ever appear in this city, could you please schedule an appearance in my city?


I pray that someday I will get to see you guys, and possibly meet you in person.

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