I was sitting in my truck, listening to my A Thousand Suns album and I happen to glance at my side view mirror. During this time, the track Wretches and Kings was playing. This track has very strong bass hits as you all know. While I was watching the mirror, I noticed that, every time there was a bass hit in the song, it would vibrate my truck and cause the image in the mirror to double.


This event got me to thinking. What if you made a 3D Version of the music video for Wretches and Kings, and used the bass hits as a slider for the 3D depth? The video would bounce from flat to 3D everytime there was a bass hit during the song! As far as I know, it has never been done before and I figured it would be right up your guys' alley.


Personally I am not a very big fan of 3D but i would seek out a way to watch this if it came out! I hope this message makes it's way to you guys for your consideration!


Your work is Awesome! Can't wait to see more!

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I like it.
Sua idéia não é má heim!!!
Quem sabe veremo sua idéia em 3D.
Wow! That's a really cool idea. I like it it's different and interesting :)
His idea is not bad huh!
Perhaps seeing their idea in 3D.

Thank You Google Translate!
Thank You Opsquria!
Thank The rest of you Too!

Opsquria said:
Sua idéia não é má heim!!!
Quem sabe veremo sua idéia em 3D.
This may be late but your idea is awesome.

Personally, I was hoping for them to follow up a lil more movie action with a message in it. Mike as a commando entering a building, showing him flow, while cutting to Chester chained to a chair (tortured hostage). Mike is clearing the building to find Chester. You could use the captures as a govt or something to make a point. I just think it works for the high energy of the song. The 3D idea works though especially with all the other videos released so far.

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