I must admit, I expected A Thousands Suns to be a pile of cr*p like M2M. BUT have totally been proved wrong thank god. 

LP - you just won me back. 

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Like M2M ? you are a fucking wrong boy or girl. Linkin Park is the best band of the world, stop posting shit like this, fucking emo`s.
You got some nerve calling me emo kid. Learn to read first and process the information instead rushing to post like a moron.

No I dont think LP is the best band in the world. BUT I do think they are very talented and innovative. M2M did not show that at all. It was a pile of commercial nonsense. This album is whole different animal. Its brilliant - its what I expected after Meteora.
Hmmm some harsh reviews going on right now in this forum.

To be expected though. Most people don't understand experimental music, it scares and/or confuses them.

People didnt really like The Fragile either to begin with, and that is one of the best albums of all time. Not saying A Thousand Suns is on par with The Fragile though, they are two very separate entities.
It's because before I bought the album I did think it would be close to MTM, but after hearing the Catalyst single I had some high hopes. All those hopes were filled and beyond.
You call himself a fan ? stupid, The real fans accept all of the band. so, fuck you.
My God you are ignorant and idiotic.

According to your logic if the band jumped off a cliff you would follow them. You should do it. The world would be better off without your childish opinions.

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