So I listened to a Thousand Suns last night before I went to sleep and honestly by the end of it I was on the verge of tears. Don't get it twisted. It wasn't because of how "great" this cd was. It was how let down I was. It isn't the true Linkin Park sound. It sounds like they are trying to much to be other groups. There wasn't even 1 song that I went "Damn this is nice, here we go" nope it was bitter disappointment for a fan like me. I'll break it down track-by track
1 - "The Requiem" : Intro, boring pointless, too long for an intro
2 - "The Radiance" : pointless interlude - rock bands DO NOT have interludes on cd's
3 - "Burning in the Skies" : Really depressing song. Sounds like they want to sound like U2
4 - "Empty Spaces" : Another pointless interlude
5 - "When They Come For Me" : maybe one of the best sounding songs on the cd. Seems like Mike is trying to act "hard" though
6 - "Robot Boy" : Another depressing song. Can't pinpoint who it sounds like though.
7 - "Jornada del Muerto" : Another pointless interlude
8 - "Waiting for the End" : Sounds like Mike is trying to be reggae and Chester's vocals make me  wanna cut my wrists
9 - "Blackout" : sounds like The Prodigy mixed with some Euro-Pop type of music
10 - "Wretches and Kings" : Mike trying to act hard again
11 - "Wisdom Justice and Love" : Another pointless interlude
12 - "Iridescent" : Sounds like a wannabe Coldplay
13 - "Fallout" : Another pointless interlude
14 - "The Catalyst" : Sounds like a wannabe Nine Inch Nails
15 - "The Messenger" : Has to be the worst. Sounds like MTV Unplugged: Evanescence

Like I said I was really disspointed with this album. They are trying to be stuff they aren't and hardly any sounds of Rob or David. It's just sad. And this is coming from a real fan. If it brought me to tears than i think that's a sign of how hard I am of a fan.
In another post I saw someone say "Just because it's Linkin Park doesn't mean it's automatically awesome. They can have bad cd's and this is one" And I think that's how I feel. So go head flame me. Talk trash i don't care, but honestly by the 6th track I just wanted it to end.
This dude basically said the same stuff I said:

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Wow, hybrid theory and meteora was good, then linkin park screwed over real hard after minutes to midnight cause they changed producers, to be honest i miss theyr old sound. Dead by sunrise was a fail too. btw a thousand suns sounds kinda sloppy though i do like it a bit, its better minutes to midnight but still not really that good a thousand sounds like they had too much fun with fl studio XD.
i agree with u, this new album is disapointing i prefer THE OLD LINKIN PARK i was expecting some numetal songs like in Hybrid Theory and Meteora. the only songs i like are the catalyst and waiting for the end.
but i have to say that hearing chester screaming again (blackout) was exiting!!!
i dont think theyre trying to sound like anyone! this album was amazing, and i think its bad to critisize something they put so much work into! the music is awesome, the lyrics are amazing, and i think this album did the exact opposite of what you say! LP is in a whole different category from the other rock bands out there! if you were even slightly intelligent, youd realize the message behind these songs. So its different; who cares? and btw i am a HUGE fan of evanescence, and the messenger doesnt even sound a little bit like them! and nine inch nails, coldplay, and the prodigy have completely different sounds from them! you have to embrace the fact that theyre trying new things! ATS was creative, and the "pointless interludes" had amazing musical qualities to them! and dont think that im just another crazy lp fan who doesnt know what shes talking about, because i am a musician and know good music when i see it. So keep your negative comments to yourself, because they obviously put alot of SUCCESSFUL effort into the album!
jordan, i read your comments and found them to be exactly the way i feel. i hate it when people say crap about lp, especially about mike. theyre amazing, so deal with it people!

K1NG J0RDAN said:
I know one of the messages is that no matter what happens in life, like all the wars for example, we will always have love. The speeches have the same meaning today as they did when they were said, too. The MLK one that changes to a robotic voice, and repeats multiple times, shows that "Wisdom, Justice, & Love" will have the same effect and meaning from now to way into the future. Also, they aren't trying to sound like anybody. They are making a sound for themselves, and I've never heard anything like that before. I was so happy when listening to ATS the first time. It's just so awesome having a new style of LP to listen to, and to me, it's the sound LP shoulda had from day 1. It fits them so well. The good thing about LP is they have so many different styles from their music that you have music for nearly any mood. This new album has a happy feel to it, and shows that the band is more than the angry, pain lyrics they have always had.

Funseekin4life said:
All right Jordan explain this message that I am missing..I understand they wanted to do something different for THEM, but it is not much different than stuff already out there..sorry.. it is not anything at all special to me..lots of bands do not have interludes every other song and have put out good that what makes this so great and I am not seeing that ?? Enlighten me...I do love LP and I do love Mike's rapping and I like a bunch of other bands, singers and the lyrics might be meaningful and lovely and all that I said you do not understand how I feel this is bad just as, I do understand how you think this is great ..but I do not like to be called a hater and all that other shit JUST because I do not like everything a band puts out I never said oh this is different I cant do this ...actually,I can not do bad music IMO so you are sorta right...

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