Hello. I've been coming up with an idea for a music video for I'll Be Gone. Tell me what you think.

Setting: World War 1 battlefield- Allies trenches on the left, Axis trenches on the right. Battlefield inbetween is scared, baren, grey, and crater-filled with small areas of cover available.


-No music yet-
A large group of Allied soldiers are being briefed about what is about to happen in their trench. Camera notices one soldier in the back who looks "out-of-it" and slightly terrified, similar to the trench battle scene in War Horse.

The commander, or one soldier that is breifing them yells "Now GO!" and climbs out of the trench, followed by all of the soldiers who are screaming battle cries and climbing out of the trench. Note the one soldier who the camera panned to earlier is one of the last out.

That soldier (Who is now going to be the center of the video) musters up to courage to run out and slam into the ground behind some cover. He then lifts his head slightly so you can see him quivering in fear. There is absolute terror in his eyes as a grenade goes off behind him, killing a few of his fellow soldiers. He does not turn around to see the aftermath, however. The camera will zoom in on his eyes and this is where the music will begin to play.

As the music starts the soldier begins to snap out of his terror. As the song reaches 0:43, the soldier slowly begins to stand up, which seems like he is almost trying to get himself shot, however no bullets hit him as he rises. By 0:55 (The chorus) the soldier is fulling standing, proud and fearless as he begins to walk  forward, towards the enemies, screaming the lyrics of the song (Although he is not actually the one singing) . At 0:58 when the word "Eyes" is spoken, a bullet will hit the soldier in the arm, momentarily stopping him as he looks down and notices that it somehow did not affect him. As he continues forward the camera goes to a group of 2 soldiers crouching behind cover nearby him. The camera catches their confused faces as the soldiers steps by slowly with the beat of the song.

The soldier keeps getting hit by bullets to no affect as he continues forward. He does though drop down behind some small cover as the chorus ends (around 1:24) His face turns to confusion as he has no clue what went over him. But at 1:45 he begins to rise again, along with 3-4 other soldiers around him. At 1:50 they continue forward again, all mouthing the chorus.

At around 2:00 the camera snaps to a group of axis soldiers farther away near their trench, arming a mortar. These soldiers are wearing gasmasks as to hide their nationality. (So no other countries are offended) We see them frantically attempting to arm the mortar as they aim at it at the approaching soldiers, who have thus far been resistant to all their attacks. (In the case of the video the bullets fired at them are showing how the Axis soldiers are trying to break their spirit. Their
bodies are unaffected as their spirit can no longer be broken as they now believe they can only continue forward as they'll most likely be gone, or killed anyways during the war, hence the lyrics "I'll be gone")

Before the lyrics "And there's nothing left to stop me" are spoken, (2:36-7ish) the mortar is fired and lands quickly on the advancing group of soldiers, creating a large cloud of smoke, making viewers believe the soldiers have finally perished. However when "And there's nothing left to stop me" is spoken, The original soldier is seen emerging from the smoke as an endless line of soldiers on either side of him emerges and advances forward with him. Suddenly they run forward as the camera
cuts to Axis soldiers firing gatling guns at them to no affect other than their shirts being torn by the bullets. The Axis soldiers then realize the battle is hopeless and they drop their weapons and run for their lives. At this time (around 3:10) an American flag is seen being  raised on the ground where the Axis soldiers used to be.

Then at 3:18-3:19 the original Soldier drop to his knees in slow motion infront of the newly raised flag and slowly raises his arms above his head in a sign of victory as the music fades out. When it stops the video cuts to black.

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Great idea! What about the part "like an army falling one by one by one..."

wow! such an imagination! they should really read this! is great :D

I like your idea, however it really doesn't work great with the lyrics. In My Remains and Castle of Glass are more of soldier and war songs. I think something about space exploration (kind of like Leave out all the rest) would be great. Something like Chester and the band are of on some space rocket or something of to the wide reaches of the Universe.
With the starting tune: As the beat slowly catches up, the camera zooms in from some unknown space and zooms in to show Earth and zooms further to show a street side. A couple stands there holding each others arms. The story goes on with the boy going to a workstation and turn out to be involved in a rocket launch. They show him and a few of his fellow colleagues in the rocket about to be launched and the girl still at the street, crying. The rocket blasts off and the girl stares as it shoots into the sky. The rocket is shown to float past the asteroid belt, where there communications with ground base suddenly disrupt, The crew desperately tries to set them back up while the girl pays a visit to the base, hoping to get a chance to voice chat. Red alerts beep off and somehow communications are re-established, showing the boy trying to hold the arms of a holographic image of his girlfriend and the same in base camp. An asteroid hits the shuttle and it breaks apart. The communications are cut off one last time as the girl breaks down crying. Back in the rocket, all the crew members try desperately to do something while the boy simply sits with his eyes closed, and starts singing the final chorus. Finally there attempts fail and the ceramic layer of the oxygen tank breaks apart from the rocket, showing how everyone (again except the boy) choke and finally stop moving. They move back to the base camp, where their position is finally lost on a radar, and back to them, as they fall towards Jupiter.

Your concept isn't back, I rather like it. But I found so many songs in this album based on war. Lost in the Echo, In my Remains, Castle of Glass, Until it Breaks, Roads Untravelled, Powerless......I feel that at least some videos should be different....but who am I to say??

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