Hi, my name is Alessandro Failaz da Costa. I did the pre order the album Living Things here in Brazil, I received a message from Chester Bennington that certified that I would get the album on 6/26/2012. But we are on 7/9/2012, and I still have not received the album in my house and I was charged by the value of the album, which in Brazilian currency amounts to R $ 70,00. I wonder how long it takes for the album to be sent to another country and what the forecast for the arrival of the album in my house? Sorry if my writing is wrong. I do not know speak English and I use a automatic translator when I talk with someone from another country. Like the attention to and look forward to answer.

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This should be a favour to you, I guess. LOL.

Not quite a favor, so would appreciate for what I was charged. I bought the cd directly by Linkin Park, reached an invoice in my house with the chargeback on behalf of Warner and the label. So I would like to receive the cd in my home.

I did not received the cd either, I also sent many email to customer services without any answers. So I decided (and I suggest you to do so) to call my credit card company and dispute the charge.

Esteban, please keep your comment offensive to you rivers and their loved ones, if you came to the forums to criticize the quality of the product, I think better you leave! I really enjoyed the cd, but my only regrets was to have purchased and not have received yet! If you found the bad cd, keep this opinion only for you!
Ok, you have the right to find what you want, so I have no doubt, but keep your opinion offensive to you. Those who always liked the band and accompanied his growth means always the philosophy of each new job, but who has the mind behind so want to know of distorted guitars in 100% of the songs. In music When they come for me, A thousand suns, there is an excerpt from the letter that the Mike sings criticizing it. If you do not like the new works of Linkin Park, not more, look for a band hear that the meeting rather than criticize that reaches over their expectations. And end my participation here, because I do not want to waste time with a discussion that is not going to add anything good in my life.

The confirmation e-mail that you have received says this:

If you have a question about your pre-order download, please contact our customer service department by sending an e-mail to wbr@b3custserv.com so we may accommodate your request.

So contact the e-mail and ask them for some help.

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