and i dont care if you disagree.

I've been there before, having a band you really like drastically change their sound. It makes you feel like they're alienating you from the music you love. Releasing an album like this is a big risk for the band as well.

Do they keep playing a certain sound that doesnt necessarily reflect who they are now ? Remember LP has been doing this going on 10 years. They are far from the same dude's that was considered one of the top "nu-metal" bands many years ago. Nu-metal is not even a term that's used anymore! As time goes on all things eventually change.

You either accept the change and move forward with the band as a fan or you move on. Linkin Park should always and foremost make the music that THEY love most and that most represents themselves. Anything less is not true Linkin Park. Linkin Park is not the sound of one step closer to the edge or crawling in my skin. Linkin Park are six guys making music.

ps best songs on the album are when they come for me, waiting for the end, black out & catalyst. Too many interludes k thx

P.s.s anyone remember me ?

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Definately too many interludes...

Anyway, I too have been through this before, with Metalica, KoRn, Rob Zombie, The Police (though that was before I was actually born) and almost every other band. Well the ones that still exist anyway. Sounds change. It's a part of life. However some people just like to complain.

For example, when KoRn was creating a new sound for every single album, people said they sucked for changing. Twice now they've made "old school" KoRn albums, and both times have been almost universally critisised for the decision.

Some people aren't happy no matter what. And many actually enjoy pretending to be miserable.

Personally, I like the new LP, because it's experimental and they don't care what anyone thinks (for now)
La banda tiene el derecho de crear la musica que le guste a ellos, nosotros luego decidimos si nos gusta o no y en seguir a la banda. Dejen de ser egoistas y piensen en que los linkin park estan haciendo algo que a ellos los pone contentos y felices con respecto a la musica. Dejen de ser egoistas por dios.

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