dont get me wrong:i love LP,when my life completely crumbled,LP music kept me going.

LP arent just a bunch of great musicians,they are artits,but i think this time they went too far.

i´ve listened to ATS already,its a great album,not saying to bring back "the old LP",i understand what they done in ATS,i admire their courage to do something so diferent,i thank them for just existing,i only listen to their music....


i´ll be sleeping at the store door waiting to buy ATS,cant wait to see them again live in Portugal.


LP for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.just watched Waiting For The End vid with lyrics...beautiful song ... it made me cry....

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They didn't do anything "new" with ATS.

Shinoda regarding the different direction of MTM:
"We were looking back at the things that we had done in the past... and I think we just figured that we had exhausted that sound. It was easy for us to replicate, it was easy for other bands to replicate, and we just needed to move on."

Chester regarding the development of MTM:
"We're presenting ourselves in a different way."

Well looky there, they've made the same claims twice and yet MTM and ATS sound identical. They repeated the exact same MTM formula while claiming to be reinventing themselves (which they had already claimed before). They didn't do anything new.
It's funny you talk about formula and not mention Hybrid Theory and Meteora. You should listen to When They Come For Me one more time. And regarding MTM and ATS being "identical", you sound like one of those fans that stopped liking anything they did after 2004 - pretty much coming into the game "knowing" that they're going to suck and that you'll blast anything without guitars. Sorry if I'm a little off, but this is based on the way you are writing and your overall tone.
MTM and ATS identical!?!?Do you ever listened to both albuns?????all of you "bring back old LP" fans what do want.Oh,i know,same music style again and again,like ACDC or METALLICA(i love them also)they´ve been doing same shit for centuries!do you even know the lirycs of ATS or the other albuns?do you know what they are talking about?LP are still the same in their core.Wanted Mr.Han´s mix back?it´s here.Wanted Mike´s rap back?it´s here.Try to listen to really old LP music and i mean REALLY old music i´m sure you´ll be surprised ...
They´ve done more than HT and Meteora you know...
Man,so tired of this so called fans....
LP for life!!!!!!!!!!

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