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try to tell you full story. First of all I'm Russian guy, wich staying in China for many years. Badly but i've never been on LP concerts before(everytime when it was in Russia - i was in china and the only day when it was in China i was in Russia - funny maybe but not for me, couse it happens for more then 7 years). And one month ago i've found that guys will come to Hong Kong. Yeah i've already god all of the tickets including hotel and so on to there. After that one month ago i just tried to contact with Russian LPU and ask them to help me to make an LPU annux account. Bad misstace. I have been talking with them by e-mails for 3 weeks and after that pay for this account but nothing happens and for last 2 weeks I have no any replyies from them, that becomes me really upset, not becouse of money(not really huge money for anybody who has work), but becouse my dream to come to Meet&Greet will never become true. You will ask me, why i have tried to use anybody help to made a registration - the problem is my credit card is russian but i staied in china and in registration fill adress in china and nothing works i just see the comment that "payment hasn't complete". Ok today i've found the information in gougle somewhere that all of the information of the card must be same with registration of the card and everything becomes complete in 5 minutes(maybe it will helps to anybody, who will have same problem). After that, when i was really happy that "upppppie i'll see 'em". Ijust push to Meet&Greets and cick for the Hong Kong concert at 6th of september, and after that i've got a letter "this is not a ticket you should contact with LPUHQ to confirm smth"(as a short) and on this step i really don't know what to do, becouse when i fill google "lpuhq", the results was only on myspace.com where is last reply for few monthes ago. in the letter from lpu nothing written becouse of that and i'm really don't know what to do, if anybody who have already complete this quest before and will read it - please help me to made everything complite and give an advice what should i do next.


With best regards, Dmitry Lashmanov. And sure thanks to anybody who will read this story and will help me

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I tried sending it and I hope someone will help you soon :) good luck!
Guysplease explain me this thing(nobody has awnswered me yet). As far as i understand, everybody has got this message on mail-box after they click on any exactly Meet&Greet that they want to visit. An after that what have you done with this mail"it's not a ticket". As far as i understand, here some steps that everybody should do, but what next?
Look, I sent it to everyone I could... All I can tell you is that if you have one of theses http://twitpic.com/6dvvyu then all you have to do is sit and wait for a confirmation... If you still do not have it then go to this page: http://lpu.linkinpark.com/meetandgreets/ and click on the show you are going to... that's all you have to do

yes i've already have this mail. But what means "confirmation"? somebody should write to me or call or something else?


You will get an e-mail from LPU HQ saying that you got confirmed for a M&G for... concert. You have to wait...
thanxxx...hope that i'll got it soon, becouse it has staied not to much time before the concert
I got confirmed 3 days before the show.. be patient.

Thanks to all very-very much. EAHHHH...i just already got it - 3 days before the concert...i'm happy!!!!!!!!!!!


Conngrats then hehe :D I'm happy I could somehow help :) HAVE FUN!!!! and feel free to share about your experience! I love reading all the stories :) heh

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