I will not listen to linkin park again until they come to scotland

I know this is ridiculous. I'm sorry guys but I just can't handle waiting for a Linkin Park scotland tour anymore, I really want to see Linkin Park live more than anything and I just keep waiting and waiting and waiting but no...nothing good happens. I knew it, they really are avoiding Scotland on Purpose.

So until then, I will not listen to Linkin Park unless they do come to scotland.

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Dude, are you for real?! LMAO you made my day! Has LP never been to Scotland or what? You guys are being ridiculous sometimes. Do you think that LP are going to be really sad and affected by the fact that one of their fans is not a "fan" enough to keep on listening to their music and go to another city/country near Scotland to a concert? There are so many people around the world begging for LP to get to their country! What about Africa? Has LP already performed there? I've saw discussions about it! LP never came to my country.. so what? should I start crying? No! I just found a way to go see them. If you really want to go see them, you WILL find a way. Get real! This is not meant to sound rude, it is meant to "shake you" and make you think everything over again...


Haha this made me LOL

It's not funny ok ? I'm still a big fan of LP but you don't know what the fuck I've been through with this touring stuff. I'm very jealous because Linkin Park keep on purposely avoiding Scotland in every UK tour. you might not give a shit but i do, they are my biggest obsession and i just really want to expierence the moment of seeing them live. Capisce ?.

You are ridiculous... I have a question for you. Are you even an LPU member? If it is your biggest obsession then TRAVEL for them. Go see them in another country, as I already said. It IS so damn funny. Why would you stop listening to them if they are your obsession. You have no idea how much money people give out for LP. I spent my whole first salary EVER in my entire life for a trip to Germany. And I saw them live, I even met them. How old are you actually? Do not think in such a selfish way.. there are enough people all over the world who want to see them.. it is not only you. You say you are a HUGE fan... then find a way and go see them. Plus I asked you one more thing.. have they NEVER been to Scotland at all?
P.S. please do not swear and read the guidelines...Thank you!

Well aren't you just lucky, you've seen them and met them, and thats exactly what I want to do but I can't because I can't join LPU, because it doesn't accept Pound Sterling and even if it did, it would cost a fortune, can you believe that ?, but I guess your right, and yes they have played in scotland once but that was before i became a fan of them, but ok I give up, I'll end this nonsense, I'll try my best to see them abroad.

If there is a will, there is a way! In your case this is more than true... Would it be so hard to ask a fried, who has a credit card to pay with it for you? The worst part is that all of the guys like you always find excuses... I guess you believe that you are a huge fan, starting such discussion, well if that's so then don't worry, you will find a way. And just for the record, it's not all about luck... to get to be lucky like me, you just have to do a lot... in the end.. it is all worth it. Just be patient. If you need help with anything connected to LP or whatever, feel free to ask me! Good luck!
Thanks for the advice, until i do become lucky, I'm gonna take a break from listening to them, and i mean that in the nicest way

Well said, I lived in scotland for 14 years and was hugely disappointed at never reading of a Linkin Park tour date in Scotland. They should be invited to T in the Park or Rockness festival or at least play at SECC or O2. So if the day ever comes I will be there... 

Well tell you one thing thats kinda good news, last year on Rock Radio, Mike and Dave got interviewed about the 2010 UK Tour and the guy asked them why they weren't coming to scotland in 2010 and Mike & Dave said The Touring Schedule was a little limited. But then they said "But we're gonna be hopefully coming back next year too so hopefully we'll be able to make it up to our scottish fans. and we don't want them to think that we are purposely avoiding them." Dave even said scotland is one of his favourite places linkin park has played at, but its been a long while now so they've purposely forgotten us again.

That is good news! I suppose they can't play at every country but I think they would get a good crowd in Scotland. Does that mean they will do another european tour next year?

Possibly, but they said they were hopefully coming to scotland this year, but i can only hope that they will give scotland a tour before their new album is released, I don't want to listen to their new material until they've settled the score with their scottish fans including me.

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