Hi everybody. 

My name is Herman De La Bief, I am not a massive fan of Lincoln Park, however I do feel as though my presence in the band would add immensely to the experience of both the band and the fans. 

I must confess I do not possess any extraordinary musical abilities, but that shouldn't be a problem, but because of this it doesn't bother me if I do not directly replace a current member of the band. I won't list all the benefits that I can bring to Lincoln Park here in the public, I can show these in the audition, however I will give a few tidbits. 

I can unicycle and juggle at the same time. I can write legibly with both my left and right hands. Card tricks. I won the 2007 Carter Bay hot dog eating championship (by default). I have had several articles published in my countries 4th largest newspaper discrediting Seventh Day Adventists. I have 2 girlfriends, neither of them are aware of the other. 

I am available to start immediately, and do not require large amounts of remuneration. I will require a personal assistant however, preferably an Asian woman with small hands, but race and gender isn't set in stone. I also need full and comprehensive medical insurance as I have some issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Thank you for considering me, and I look forward to hearing a positive response in the not too distant future, 


Herman De La Bief. 

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Herman Wish you all the best bro ... but slight prob is that its "Linkin Park" and not "Licoln Park" so they might not like you changing the name you see 

anyways you got some work online ?? would like to see some of your musical talent if you got any :) 


Thank you for your response and well wishes, much appreciated.

I double checked, I'm pretty certain the correct spelling is Lincoln Park. As I understand the Internet, there is plenty of abbreviations and whatnot going on here. The youths do like to distinguish themselves from their parents generations in ways such as this.

Now, I'm not that big on musical talent. I can play an accordion here and there, but I don't think the youtubes really wants to see that, so I don't waste its time. I do hope that during some future Lincoln Park events I can show you just exactly what it is that I can bring to such an enterprise.

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