Hi guys! I think, that i have a great idea for a new single.

Look at this girl: Tiffyiffyiffy. She is amazing. What do you think about her voice?

So, my idea is that LPs should cooperate with her to make one or more songs.

What can you say about it? Let's try to propose it to Mike. I'm sure, he knows what to do with it! )

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That girl has a beautiful voice. It would be great that LP make a new single featuring with that girl. I hope that happens. =D

Why they have never done it? )) LPs are known as the very good experimenters.)

Yeahh, The last featuring was with Enrique Iglesias for the victims in Haiti and also with Busta Rhymes. I think that the result would be great!

Hmmm. I didn knew about this songs) Im going to find them. But I told about female vocal exactly ^) 

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