If this post does get anywhere, can I make a request?



I'm an "old-school" LP fan, but enjoyed minutes to midnight and the catalyst wasn't too much to my taste but I like the exploration of new material and support it :D


I had a request as to one of LP's old-unreleased songs, "Part Of Me", and was wondering if this could be remixed or re-edited as it's one of my favourite of their tracks; mainly because the verses are nothing short of epic :) 


[If this doesn't spark any response, which I can accept why it wouldn't, I hope it at least gets a few people to re-listen the old track :D]





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I like 'Part Of Me' also, very much :) It would be great if it was put out in-store :) Good request, I reckon :) :) :) Enjoy yourself! :) :) :)

You may suggest it to LP fans that do mixes on YouTube site. Yes, I myself listen to "Part of Me", my favorite "And One", If you hear it blasting out in the streets of Los Angeles, that's me!!!! Lol!


Carousel, Step Up, Technique and Dedicated too!

Oh and "Buy Myself (Manson Remix)"!!!


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