It's that simple. Let those who like or love the album enjoy it. Those of you that don't quit coming to their website, remove them from your Facebook, myspace pages. They are going to make music that they want, get over it.

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It's not that simple in any way.

For those of us who have been LP fans since way back in the day of the Hybrid Theory EP before they were even called Linkin Park all those years ago you don't just say screw 'em and not be a fan anymore. What kind of fan would you be if you did that?
I have been with them since then too. But a lot of fans that just say "oh fuck linkin park you guys aren't good anymore" if you feel that strongly about it then quit listening. It IS that simple. I have quit listening to many artists because I have grown tired of the same old stuff the keep rehashing, I have more respect for LP to do what THEY WANT TO DO because it is THEIR MUSIC, instead of trying to cater to fickle fans.
I'm right there with ya, but I do think without fans, bands are nothing.
Mike, I agree with you and I respect the fact that they are going to make the music they want... but you can't tell or expect people who don't like it to just leave, especially when the album hasn't even been out a week (in the US, that is). Some people just want to vent frustration about not getting what they want, and they think some other people on the forum will agree and that is totally fine.

However, like I said in a previous post, I think I saw one person say "Eat sh*t LP, I hate you!"... that's what I would call stupidity and that has to just be ignored. I have seen people respectfully disagree with the new style, and just want to talk about it... what's wrong with that? Are they not entitled to discuss it because this is LP's website? Some of these people have been LP fans for 10 years... do they lose the right to speak about the band if they put out a record that they dislike?

I have been an LP fan since HT hit the stores... I am one of those hardcore fans that search the web for demos of the band that I haven't yet heard. I like the new album but, if I had a gun to my head and had to choose a style, I'd prefer the old-school records. Yes, yes, I know "They are going to do what they want to do." and I respect that... but there's nothing wrong with lending an opinion as long as it's not completely absurd (ex - the eat sh*t LP post I saw recently).

Anyhow, cool to hear you enjoy the record... my personal favorites are Wretches and Kings, Iridescent, Blackout, and The Messenger... the buildup to Iridescent with the MLK speech I thought was sick.
I agree with all your opinions on this, But i must say that all the people who claim they Love and are Hardcore LP fans since HT, who jump on forums and have the nerve to use vulgar insults and bash their "favorite band"; need to stop and listen to what there saying! What a bunch of hypocrits! It's sad to see this pathetic and imature behaviour of ignorant people who can't see past there own nose! If they got a problem with the album they can talk and debate about it like a civilized human being. If not they should go cry in a corner pounding there fists on there chest and wiping there QQ with the cover's of HT and Meteora. These outbursts are a prime example of how much of the human race is populated by stupid people. nuff said!
I agree with the sentiment,but you can't 4s people 2 like what they don"t.
You just have to give them a bit of extra time to catch up
When They Come 4 Me shows an unbelievable maturity........PLEASE let this be part 1.ala use your illusion 1.
And when you come to Manchester,put that Bontempi away!!
Let it goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
To start with I can understand that a Band need to grow and develop, and I have welcomed the changes that MTM and New Divide bought, but as a fan I think this album is a step too far.
I listen to a lot of music, not just Rock, rap, but blues, country, jazz, and even some early disco. I am old enough to understand music changes, and have been through various development in Rock since I started listening and taking note of music way back in the late 60's. Yes that's right the 60's, so you can understand I have grown and change as different musical tastes have developed, but to me, LP new album is not an album that can be listened to as individual songs, the lyrics are weak, in my opinion, it is not a classic album, and I can only hope that it is an experiment, which will not be repeated, but is a step in the future development of the band.
It will be interesting to see how the songs sound live, when I see LP in November.
seriously? The lyrics are weak? I personally get drawn to music that is thought provoking and inspiring, no matter the style or genre. And it makes me laugh when people say that they "hope this is an experiment" because its false hope. All u have to do is actually listen to the words in "When they come for me", the band is quite blattent that they dont give a rat's A-- if people dont like it. They are going to create and perform art that speaks to them and like minded people.
You don't get it? We love Linkin Park and the work they do...we love the music and we love anything else they have ever done. But we dislike the new style of the album and we hope that LP maybe see that they lose a large part of the fans right now...i will not go to any concert when they make a ATS tour. I will not buy the album again (i already have it...yes, my fault). I will not like the new songs.

But i WILL love the music they have done so far, Meteora, HT, M2M, Reanimation, all the live stuff like Live in Texas or the festivals like project revolution...why should we leave that now? We love that music and i will love it forever...but i can dislike the new album because for me, it's garbage...
To EmmaLobb.. i was also surprised from the new sound too.. but you should not listen to it only one time, i'm sure if you listen to it 2 or 3 times more you can start love it like i love it now! for the lyrics.. i think that are magic, so full of emotions and metaphor! i like the fact that the title Thousand Sun is present in the text of The Catalyst too :D
for the concert in the beginning i thought that some songs will not do, if they mix new and old songs.. but now i think that they will fit all perfectly..i mean.. if you love a song you expect it and want it to be performed and you are excited when this happen.

for Chester's comment i'm totally right with him.. think if someone tells you that your new work,, to which you give so much energy, sacrifice and that you think that is fabolous and your fan will like it,, is a flop, how would you react?? i would be totally dissapointed and sad.. and also angry with those people that critisize me.. Chester was totally right and not arrogant at all! He was really calm when he said it, not angry at all.

and.. i doubt that they will do again the old gender. They said it and also... if you decide to walk a new way and you like it, you will not turn back, right?

i'm only sad that probably with so many critics they will never never never come to italy to do a concert T__T (i'm from italy)

You're all right, It's just one of those things where this CD is not what anyone is really used to listening to. I can say honestly that me and most of my friends agree that our favorite CD is Meteora. And we kinda hoped they would have repeated that kind of sound with A Thousand Suns, But they didn't. And that's cool. When I first heard The Catalyst I was psyched for ATS. Then i heard Wretches and Kings and was just completely blown away because that wasn't what I thought of when I think of LP. Then I heard Waiting For The End which I loved but still wasn't what I was expecting. But I just kept saying 'Well they did keep saying they were going to make a new genre of music." and they did just that. I bought ATS and first time through it, Honestly I hated it. But I ACTUALLY listened to it for a second time and by that I mean fully aware of what to expect. Not with hopes that it was some overly done take the same sound tweak it abit and re-release the same thing over and over again ideal, but knowing full well it was going to be a different sounding Linkin Park all together and now You can't go on my 360, PS3, my car, or pretty much anywhere in my house without the echos of A Thousand Suns running rampant throughout. But not everyone is going to do that and that's just one thing LP is going to have to either deal with or ignore as hard as that maybe. Some people just can't evolve with what they love or just don't want to. Not every band wants to keep the exact same sound that been used constantly they all want to do their own thing. And i can completely respect that which is why Linkin Park has been and always will be one of my favorite bands.

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