Im all For Change, but hasnt "the catylst" killed what linkin park are known for!!!

Mike shinoda, if your reading this tell me bro, whats going on with linkin park, i was dedicated to your first three albums,  hybrid theory, meteora and reamination, they were mental, and was some of the best  music i ever heard, the guitars were amplified off the roof, the drums were heavy, your rapping was dangerous, chester was unique, and the turn tables were impressive, as well as bass. that was so unique and that was different, im not being rude but why didnt you add that sort of style,  into a thousand suns, you changed the guitar sounds between hybrid and meteora, (just change it again even heavier if possible)  not necesarily the same, but similar, to me it seems you guys forgot who you are, so many fans were counting on a heavy album, dangerous album, but ive heard two songs now blackbirds and catalyst, and both are mediocra, good, but fairly radio freindly, and i just dont want you to forget who u were, i Know youve changed mentally, i know your older, but so am i, ive changed mentally, im older, but your first two albums are still your biggest but their must still be a bit of that old school mike in you, you dissapointed me with this catylst, im sorry, but i was expecting something BIG! 

AND IM NOT A NU-METAL FAN, the genre nu-metal was just a bunch of bands trying to copy linkin park and limp bizkit but no one could do it. 

what linkin park had was sick, different, energetic, but catalyst in indie techno to me,

LP should have never lost meteora or reamination style guitars, over amped to the roof 

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"im not being rude but why didnt you add that sort of style, into a thousand suns"

^okay, so you're saying you've HEARD the new album, before anyone else, and KNOW FOR SURE that they haven't put that style on to the new album?

yeah. didn't think so.

i'm seriously fed up with people judging the whole album on this one song. (or two, if you count blackbirds) can you guys honestly not wait until you've actually heard the album to say things like that!?

explain to me how it is different to putting a song like Easier to Run, a song that as actually been described as a "SEMI-BALLAD", on Meteora, the album you so rave about? it's slower, more melodic, and certainly doesn't have an angry, raw feeling to it, like many others do.

i also find it funny how you don't mention Minutes to Midnight, because you probably realise that your discussion would have no meaning, had you included it in the mix.
Linkin Park had to change at some point, or risk the fans becoming bored. if they just created the exact-same album over and over again, you wouldn't like it.

some people just can't be pleased, and others can't accept healthy changes.

you don't even know what it will be like, so can everyone just stop making stupid predictions like this?

thanks a bunch.
I Like them allot! The Medal of Honor Trailer with Catalyst was freaking awesome! Nothing like Fighting to some good music! Then again, as a Former Marine, it caught my attention fast! Otherwise their music isnt even close to bad.... Its outright awesome! My Opinion, dont like it? Ohhhh well...suck it up! :-D
But of course, I wasn't speaking for you:)
I mean I just wanted to defend LP

Crube said:
Wait, what?

marshma_low18 said:
maybe you are just teenagers but you're talking like retired people
Just deal with it. This is what they want to do. This is what they like now. You don't have to like it or agree with it, but you do have to accept it, one way or another.
A Thousand Suns is my second favorite album after Meteora. It has a great style and deeper and darker background sounds. Every song is an incredible trip. But all that I am wishing from Linkin Park is a new album in 2012.
The last album is deep with his lyrics and other, but i don't like it very much... As someone said, there are 9 songs on it, and only 5 of them are good-perfect... But that's Linkin Park now. They love their unknown genre in ATS and thats what they always wanted(to be different). Again, i don't like ATS much, it's a good album with a lot of good lyrics, but still, my favorite songs are in HT, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight. 

I'm just looking forward to the next album. I hope it'll be, fucking siickkk :D

In my opinion Mins to midnight is LP's worst album. I know I will get a lot of hate for saying it but thats how I feel.  


Thousand Suns however was absolutely fantastic. Reminded me why I listened to LP in the first place. Its genuine, original and an actual attempt at pushing musical boundaries instead of sucking up to top 40/mtv/etc. 

I totally disagree with you man .. LP is still great , great as always . It is interesting that they made a change in their music ... And it is a great change . I love all of their albums , and will love every album that is to come.
Dimitrije.Napravili su promjenu i ta muzika koju su napravili jeste odlicna, ali nije dobra koliko je bila ona sa Meteore, to je definitivno. Porekni ovo, i ispadni glup.

Now it is my first favourite album then Meteora.

Nada Maher said:

A Thousand Suns is my second favorite album after Meteora. It has a great style and deeper and darker background sounds. Every song is an incredible trip. But all that I am wishing from Linkin Park is a new album in 2012.

hmm, ATS is my second favorite album after Meteora,so i think LP is still great!I understand,what you say,but  you have to know the other's a challenge to  make something different,bec if you don't do this,people say "you are boring"!Yes,they made change in their music,but this is what they want to do :)

So you don't have to like it,but you have to accept it!

I'm looking forward to the next album :D

Their style has changed; Mike did make an explanation about as to why I think, he mentioned that they found their old style too easy and a large number of other bands had all grown to adopt the same style; LP want to break some new ground. 


I would have liked more like the old style myself, but hell, just coz they've made new stuff doesn't mean the old stuff has stopped existing :) I've grown more towards reanimation in the meantime.

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