Im all For Change, but hasnt "the catylst" killed what linkin park are known for!!!

Mike shinoda, if your reading this tell me bro, whats going on with linkin park, i was dedicated to your first three albums,  hybrid theory, meteora and reamination, they were mental, and was some of the best  music i ever heard, the guitars were amplified off the roof, the drums were heavy, your rapping was dangerous, chester was unique, and the turn tables were impressive, as well as bass. that was so unique and that was different, im not being rude but why didnt you add that sort of style,  into a thousand suns, you changed the guitar sounds between hybrid and meteora, (just change it again even heavier if possible)  not necesarily the same, but similar, to me it seems you guys forgot who you are, so many fans were counting on a heavy album, dangerous album, but ive heard two songs now blackbirds and catalyst, and both are mediocra, good, but fairly radio freindly, and i just dont want you to forget who u were, i Know youve changed mentally, i know your older, but so am i, ive changed mentally, im older, but your first two albums are still your biggest but their must still be a bit of that old school mike in you, you dissapointed me with this catylst, im sorry, but i was expecting something BIG! 

AND IM NOT A NU-METAL FAN, the genre nu-metal was just a bunch of bands trying to copy linkin park and limp bizkit but no one could do it. 

what linkin park had was sick, different, energetic, but catalyst in indie techno to me,

LP should have never lost meteora or reamination style guitars, over amped to the roof 

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I don't agree with this critic,if you were a true LP fan, you wouldn't change ur mind at ur 1st sight of the Catalyst, LP has growned up, they r not Hybrid any more, or the old Xero style which is evloving, they r all growned up, Their album is just fine, and they got their hits in Transformers 1 + 2 +3 , what do u need more????

very true i like the older linkin park better


I agree

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