Hi everyone. I still couldn't believe what I have here. I can't say if I am disappointed or perplexed because of the new 'genre' I hear in ATS. 

The album is technically 9 songs all together. 9 songs which I don't know how to explain. An experiment gone wrong, or a genius in the making but it doesn't sink in to me yet.

Case in point, those 'interludes', what's their purpose in the album? they don't mean anything, just a sound of scratching and synths. But why do they have to be inserted in between? Cure for the Itch, Session, Wake -> they have a purpose, the brilliance of mr. Hann. They have the guitars, bass and the drum beats. Somehow they are very rhythmic, well timed beats. And they sound LINKIN PARK.

Those interludes in ATS, which I dont want to mention the titles because I feel it is a blasphemy to LP bible, what's their point in the album? 


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I personally don't view them as "interludes", I got "The Full Experience" with my pre-order, which is the whole album in one song, and I listen to it that way.
I see them as mini songs, and I understand the message Linkin Park was trying to convey with them, especially in using J. Robert Oppenheimer, Mario Savio, and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speeches. I think it fits into the context and the message of the other songs and makes the entire experience more enjoyable for me.
I don't agree that it's blasphemy, I feel there is so much of old LP in there, the more I listen to it the more I get that, just in a bigger and more emotionally expressed way than before. I think the "interludes" give it a raw emotion that would not have been there otherwise. I appreciate what LP have tried to do here and I think I understand the meaning of it all.
I empathise that it is not what you expected, and I'm sorry you can't get the enjoyment out of it that I do.

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