Have you been to a previous Summit? Are you planning on attending an upcoming LPU Summit? Connect with new friends you made that Summit events, or meet the people who will be joining you at the Summit you will be attending. Share stories, photos, videos. How far did you travel to get to the Summit? Any advice for fans attending upcoming Summits?


Share your LPU Summit experience with the world!

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it was also great meeting so many other lp fans who live close by and ive made so many new friends it was great :)

Luke Dampney-Williams said:

I was at the SYDNEY SUMMIT!  I seriously recommend you save up your money and get a pass to the next upcoming LPU Summits. You meet awesome new people, who share the same interest with you. Serious, whatever you do, a LPU Summit is a experience not to be missed in your LP life.


I have load of photos uploaded on my LP Profile. Check them out.


Wow your photos look awesome! =O

Im planning to go to the chicago lpu summit and this will be my first time going to something like this! im really excited what all did you do at summit? and what can we look forward to at the next one? :)

I am excited. After LPU 8, I couldn't afford paying for an LPU membership anymore, but I heard about the summit in Chicago, took the money I got from my b-day and now here I am. A simple pass that I just printed how has now effectively reduced me to a man with the giddiness of a schoolgirl.

Brad, Chester, Joe, Mike, Phoenix and Rob  the best !!!! chester your singin is great ! :) mike you songs are very good, damn good

this is me on LPTV in the summit in london
That's awesomee!!!! :) Congratz!

linkinparkholy said:
this is me on LPTV in the summit in london
Cant wait for the summit in Chicago. Flying all the way from Florida to be there. Getting to meet and talk to Mike and the rest of them is going to be a once in a life time dream come true experience, that i refuse to miss.
im just reading this submits at USa, when is the next LPU SUBMIT in USA, im from DR, and im goig to the Tampa concert, is there any submit close to that date?

that would be great :D

I am going to the summit in Chicago!  I am so super excited! 

There's someone in Moscow who will go downloadfestivaluk LP hadlaner 2011? ? This is a great event !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to the Chicago summit. I was planning on driving from Denver CO but I didnt want to drive on snowy roads so I ended up booking a flight. I'm so excited. Not only to see the guys again but also looking forward to the show as well and meeting new lpuers.

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