Have you been to a previous Summit? Are you planning on attending an upcoming LPU Summit? Connect with new friends you made that Summit events, or meet the people who will be joining you at the Summit you will be attending. Share stories, photos, videos. How far did you travel to get to the Summit? Any advice for fans attending upcoming Summits?


Share your LPU Summit experience with the world!

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The last summit that was announced was for Chicago. If you are an LPU member, you have a chance for a meet and greet that you can sign up for online by visiting the tour section of linkinpark.com. If a summit is announced it will be on the main page and you RSVP for that on the spot. I hope this helps...

Angel LP said:

Is their a list of Summit dates and places? If you are a LPUX member...and there is no summit at the show you are attending...are there perks at the shows for being a member? Just askin... Who do you contact if you want to go to a summit? I am confused so maybe some others are...Please respond so I can pass on the word...Angel LP

You're welcome! I just wish more people would join the group that was there... and also, your im not a monkey shirt was pretty awesome! lol

RedtoBlack said:

heres a tip...if they have any more summits

take pictures of the fellow LPUers you meet!  it all goes by so fast and you dont remember names at all!  there are so many people that i met and have no clue how to even find them.  not just their real names but screen names as well. 


thanks to hybrid soilder for making the "i was at the chicago summit" page!  great idea!! 

Meet and greets are not guarenteed and summits are on a first come first serve basis via RSVP. Meet and greets, from my understanding, are given a look over to try and get as many people as possible to meet the band. For instance, if you went to two shows and signed up for both meet and greets you're probably going to only get invited to one meet and greet. With meet and greets you will recieve an email at some point before the show saying you are invited to go to the meet and greet and for the Summits as soon as you RSVP, you will be sent a "ticket" to the Summit. I guess "guarenteed" meet and greets really depend on how many LPU members are going to the show too. If there are 500 LPU members that apply for the meet and greet at one show, usually meet and greets, in the past, were kept to 150-200 people. I dont know if they've changed or if theyre kept to the same "cap," but I know that's how things have been. I hope this helps!

Nick Torrance said:
This may be a really stupid question, but if I become an LPU member, does that guarantee me a chance to meet them when they come to L.A.? How do these summits work? Any help would be great, thanks!
I would love to go to a summit! It would be very nice if they had a summit when they're come to Sweden in June!! But if not, I probably go to another country, if they're planning to have one in Europe. That would be so cool! Linkin Park is the best band worldwide!

Yup! They should definitely do one in Europe! Or in Russia. I'd come fo sho! :))



Hey it would be awesome if LP would do a summit in germany sometimes :)

Unfortunatly i could not make it to London because of an important exam :(

If there will be in Europe, I will go!!
mantab dah kga ada matix.
mantab dah kga ada matix.
gresss ooy

I'd love to come when LPU summit is held in Indonesia. But is it possible?


Italy s waiting for you at sonisphere festival this summer! I m waiting for you lp, for 10 years...

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