Have you been to a previous Summit? Are you planning on attending an upcoming LPU Summit? Connect with new friends you made that Summit events, or meet the people who will be joining you at the Summit you will be attending. Share stories, photos, videos. How far did you travel to get to the Summit? Any advice for fans attending upcoming Summits?


Share your LPU Summit experience with the world!

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I'll believe it.

Ryan Voight said:

LPU summit in florida would be amazing haha.

My son and I attended the Summit in Tokyo yesterday and it was our first one. It was AWESOME. There were so many friendly people and the staff were fantastic and so welcoming. We went on the backstage tour and it was bloody awesome. Meeting the guys was also fantastic. My son was so excited as he got to shake hands with the guys and they were really friendly. If you get the chance to go to one I highly recommend it!  Thanks Adam, Hugo and everyone else.


Phenomenal experience! Adam, Stephanie, Jim, Hugo, Tim (and the list goes on...) were all the best persons to encounter for a day... the energy was positive all the way from each fan, to the crew, through each of the Linkin Park members themselves! Wow, the experience is breath taking and the memory still vibrates within over 24hrs later, it is only building because I have tickets for the Yokohama concert tomorrow night too. All should try to be a part of this experience every time it is available because it is worth every second. Linkin Park is interested in what you have to say and best of all they actually care about each cause they voice. Forgive the fast process of the actual meet because you meet them just before they go on stage so they have a lot to prepare. Mr. Hahn, Mr. Delson, Mr. Bourdon, Mr. Farrell (Phoenix), Mr. Shinoda, and Mr. Bennington are the most talented artists in my eyes because they're more than just their music, lyrics, instruments, performances, money, or concerts... their positive energy is contagious and their intentions are worldly. Just think, they don't HAVE to meet with fans and they certainly don't need the money but there they are meeting us and taking out time to listen to our thoughts. Linkin Park makes a difference in no only their fan's lives because they develop support for those in need thanks to Music for Relief among other efforts. If you ever have a chance to meet these gentlemen you should do it because it may change your life and at the very least it is a memorable experience that radiates days later (if you're a fan like me). Thank you for the opportunity Linkin Park and to all those associated with Linkin Park you're amazing persons. I appreciate your sacrifice and patience through all that you endure. I hope to see you again in the future!

Very respectfully,

∞Joshua (JAL)

I attended the LPU summit in Tokyo last Sunday. It was a super great experience for me!! I'd like to thank everyone who made it happen in Tokyo. It was so exciting to finally meet the band.

It was a little unfortunate that the only interaction with the band was M&G unlike the other international summits, but still, it was an amazing weekend, starting from a thousand horizons event and to two nights in Chiba.

A lot of thanks to LPUers who I got to communicate at the venue too!



Oh man...
i had ne'er attended any...
Coz i m from india..
and lp ne'er came here.........
Bt the band is sayin that the tour to india will happen soon...
waitin eagerly for it....and to make my dream come true...
Hi, I'm LPU from Indonesia. I've attended the Summit before and now I wanted to attend the next LPU Summit. I earnestly wish to attend. because I am very fond of them. I am happy with them. I am proud of them. I am one of their fans. they are a great band, bigband, rock star of the world. I am very happy and enthusiastic at all when following the upcoming summit. I want to sharing stories, photos, videos, and many more with another friends at the summit. please invite me to attend another summits at another place you want to come! thanks

 i want see tour my favorite band but i can't   

sometimes i watching you show


Well i think the next possible LPU Summit for Asian region after 11 Sept 2011 Tokyo Japan is Singapore,at 21 Sept A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011 in Jakarta Indonesia i only attended the Meet & Greets,but i only spent 20 minutes with them,if LPU Summit coming to Singapore i will be there and spent all day long with them,then i will be satisfied.

plzz lp come too india wee all want


there are about 121core pepole in india

and about 1.5 core fans are here  wating for you

9 years to see you plzz come too india



PlZ reply

whn is the next summit?


I heard the LPU is really awesome and i would really like to become a member, but i live in South America, does it matter? and what if i never get to go to summit? I would really love to go to one, it is my No.1 dream to meet the band!
Hey! I am an LPUer ;) You can ask me anything you want. It doesn't matter where you are from, I know people from all over the world who are LPUers, too. There are summits every year. There have been such in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, so if there is one near your place and you get a ticket, then trust me you would really enjoy it. I must say, the one summit I went to... this was one of the best days of my life :) Feel free to add me and ask anything you want to know :)

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