Have you been to a previous Summit? Are you planning on attending an upcoming LPU Summit? Connect with new friends you made that Summit events, or meet the people who will be joining you at the Summit you will be attending. Share stories, photos, videos. How far did you travel to get to the Summit? Any advice for fans attending upcoming Summits?


Share your LPU Summit experience with the world!

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Wow NICE !!!


I think a place in South America will be cool! It can be in Buenos Aires, Argentina; or Asunción, Paraguay; or  Saõ Paulo, Brazil; or Santiago, Chile. For me it's a good idea! C:
It doesnt matter where you live, anyone can join the LPU regardless of where you live. Just go on Linkinparkunderground.com and there on the main page, you can either pay 10 bucks a month to be a monthly LPU member or pay 60 bucks to be an annual member for a year. The benefits of each are listed on the main page as well. If you want to become an annual member, I suggest waiting until the LPU11 package is released.

Norman Alexander said:
I heard the LPU is really awesome and i would really like to become a member, but i live in South America, does it matter? and what if i never get to go to summit? I would really love to go to one, it is my No.1 dream to meet the band!
Hello everyone

I send a hug to all, especially with the shoulder of Chester.
I am a big fan of Linkin Park since the beginning of the band, I created a fan group on facebook where we have 12,000 fans, and I hope to have many more. With the growth of this groupwhere everyone canfind news, music, trivia and more. . . I would, if possible, to be able to formalize the "Linkin ParkPortugal"

FACEBOOK (https://www.facebook.com/LinkinParkPortugal)
TEMPORARY SITE (http://linkinparkp.blogspot.com/)


I really wish there was some way for LP fans in countries like mine to actually get to meet them or to get the oppurtunity to go to an LPU Summit. *sigh*

Hi everyone! 

I'd like to join the LPU (and have the chance to meet LP or go to an LPU Summit, etc...)

And I have a few question..

First of all, I already understood that it doesn't matter where you live; so that's ok, even if I'm from Italy. Well, I already had my first answer xD.


Then, did you guys suggest me to join immediately even if the year 2011 is going to end, or to wait till 2012? 


And, lastly, I was just wondering.. well, maybe it's a stupid question... anyway, that's about the annual LPU membership: if I joined in -I dunno- November(random month), the annual membership would expire the same month of the following year (I mean, 365 days after the date you joined), or at the end of December of the same year you joined (I don't think so, but anyway I asked just to be sure). 


Anyway, I hope I can persuade my parents to lend me their credit cards, otherwise I can do nothing (untill May 2012 when I'll have the major age..xD).



meteora album his good and like to indonesian country

Green Rassta said:

meteora album his good and like to indonesian country

I I  really wont to go!!!!  but it will be very very hard to do unfortunately ((((( this is mybiggest dream to get to sammet!!

I've been a Linkin Park fan for a long time, and I want to go to a summit! Does Linkin Park choose random people to come or do you buy the pass with the ticket? I hope they come back to Chicago really soon!!! Because I wanted to go the last time they were in Chicago, (1/26/11) but I couldn't because it was a school night. :/

Well, if you want to meet them, there are Meet and Greets at every show (I think it's every show) and you have to be a LPU member to join them. There are 1-2 Summits per year, but they are announced later than the whole tour lists are announced, which means that if you want to meet them you can get a M&G (which is not 100% sure cause they pick up the people) and for a Summit you have to buy a pass and the thing is that people get them really fast and you should stay tuned for the next tour. Does that answer your question? :)

i like it

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