Have you been to a previous Summit? Are you planning on attending an upcoming LPU Summit? Connect with new friends you made that Summit events, or meet the people who will be joining you at the Summit you will be attending. Share stories, photos, videos. How far did you travel to get to the Summit? Any advice for fans attending upcoming Summits?


Share your LPU Summit experience with the world!

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danke @ janine^^

is echt nett

Any summits that are near me I will be sure to attend for many reasons :D.
Hey guys anyone from india attendin???My support is always withyou.Hope u hav loads of fun and realise the value of being a Linkin Park Fan!!!!

hi everybody, i'm just sign in lp underground

someone can tell me how meet lp or how have a pass for backstage for the concert 26 of next month at imola, italy?

please help me!!!

thank u^^

Go to the "tour dates" site and click on your concert. (http://www.linkinpark.com/events/imola-italy) Then click on "RSVP here" and sign in, you should get a mail that you are signed up for the Meet&Greet ;) with luck you will get a mail 1-2 days befor the concert and then your are invited for the M&G :D
thank u ;D

your welcome! ;)

hello everybody i sighed up for an MG how long does it take to get to know if i won one ..
@Tanja: If you are selected for the M&G then you get a mail 1-2 days befor the show ;)
Yo quiero que se organize un lLinkin Park Summit en México!
I want to have meet and greet with them in Jakarta
What are up and coming summits?

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