Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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I love the mix but of course nothing replaces the original track :)
It's just a single edit. :"  But it's better than the single edit for "The Catalyst" we were hearing last year. :)
I want to see the new video.. but I hoped the next single had been Wretches and Kings or Blackout. The remix is cool :D
The original version is much better .
Where can we find the remix ? (:
i think the original sounds much better..
Yea I have to say, I like the original version better. But anyway, I'm hella excited for the music video and to hear the song in the Transformers movie. Must be epic. I'm wondering though, will Steve Jablonsky edit a bit the song? Just like what he did with "New Divide" for the NEST soundtrack.
Was I the only one who felt the original dragged on a bit? I quite like this shortened version. Can't wait till the movie!
The remix is fine (to be honest it sounds like radio edit). I still like the original better but that may change when i see the video :)
The Album version has things I miss in the remix version but the remix version has new things I willmiss in original version. So that's good... Because The single Catalyst version had nothing to miss in the original version.
I love the remix!! That's one of my favorite songs on the album. I can't wait to see the video!!! I hope it has parts of the movie in it :-)
Iridescent remix is pretty good, I'm not very fond of the drum part in Mike's first part, though. I'm glad Iridescent is a single; I'd been hoping that it would become a single since ATS came out ^^ Music video looks beast. Mike singing to a snake, while sitting in a throne? Classic. Really looking forward to it!

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