Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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I'm like remix version,but original version is better.
I loved the remix, but the album version is always a step ahead...!!
Like the remix but love the original! Will there be 2 versions of the video? (1 specifically showing clips from Transformers and 1 for the song itself)
where can i find the remix?
very cool.!! but when the video clip came out?
I prefer the original version!
My ears enjoy. Please keep up the inspiring work. I have money, you have albums :D
nice song..  but i hope the video clip is much better than  before.... :)


The remix version goes good at the beginning, when the piano intro started with the new drum loops, I THINK IT HAS A REFERENCE IN THE HEAVY DRUMS IN THE ORIGINAL GANG VOCALS PART, am I right?


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I watched the short clip by MTV in youtube showing some part of the new video, Mike's really looking KING OF THE UNIVERSE there!

i love the remix but i prefer the origonal version,its my favorite song off the album! can't wait 2 c the video and the film!
what you doing

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