Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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I LOVE Iridescent, but i like the album version much better. The remix is... ehh :P I can't wait for the release of the video! (:
Whatever the version of this song we are all agree that LP rocks the World
All I want to know is when it's showing up on itunes. I went looking for it today, hoping it would be there, but alas, it was not. Sucks.
maybe when the movie is in theathers, if i remember well that happened with New Divide (I love that song) or a bit before

I'm with Elizabeth... nothing better than the original track!!!!


In my opinion the album version i way better, and about the music video------> I think its gonna be amazing!! =)
I wanna see the video. I can't wait.
I have not heard the remix, even so I can not wait to see the video (:
My point of view is.. The original song is the better... !!

i think the original is better loooveeee irdescent :D


LP 4 LIVE <3

I would say the original is better =) i do like the remix though but it doesn't give the best feel

I'm not as crazy about the remix as I am about the original. The original touched my heart and remains, and will always remain, my favorite song of all time. Iridescent is one of those songs, that if I never would have heard it, I might never have been here to even learn about it. I was really dissapointed to hear that LP gave Iridescent to T3 but when I learned there would be a video I felt better about it. It might be for the remix but its still for my favorite song and thats alright by me.


~Queen of Sarcasm

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