Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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The original version is so much MUCH better!!! ;DD  And i would like to ask, do someone have this song piano sheet?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i need, i realy need this song piano sheet! ;))
I personally think that they should have kept the original one

My 5 years old Boy love this song......


When's the video out?
This is a single edit, but The Catalyst didn't had anny edit. Just a 'remove it'. :d

minuteforce said:
It's just a single edit. :"  But it's better than the single edit for "The Catalyst" we were hearing last year. :)

The original version made me cry. Yes... cry. There, I said it! It was so moved, I couldn't breathe. The remix took the emotion out of the song. Well, at least I won't cry when I watch the movie. Can't wait until LP tours USA again! Come to DC, please!

Remix is good stuff, can't wait for video.
transformars + LINKIN PARK = film super hit
a great song by MIKE SHINODA, CHESTER CHARLES BENNINGTON, JOSEPH HAHN, DAVE FARRELL, BRAD DELSON, ROBERT G. BOURDON , a soft melody , make this song different from other song ..
I can't wait!
The remix is great and I love it
i like the song period

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